Sawdust and shavings

Saw dust and shavings are a useful by-product of saw milling and machining timber. The material has plenty of diverse applications such as animal bedding, mulch, weed suppressant and soil conditioner, bio-fuel, bio-char, spillage soak-up, compost component, footpath and play area surfacing and art media.

Sawdust is generated from our sawmill. It tends to be quite coarse, sometimes with stringy kerf and chip, almost like chainsaw kerf. Because we generally mill green* saw logs the sawdust itself is slightly damp but with capacity to soak up plenty more moisture. It may be a mixture of hardwood and softwood depending upon what we might have been milling at the time.

Shavings come from the operations of our mobile log moulder and workshop planer and thicknesser. The former generates a flake-like shaving which is from green* timber whilst the latter is a drier and smaller kind of shaving.

Dumpy Bags full of Sawdust
Dumpy Bags full of Douglas Fir Sawdust from Saw Milling

We collect up our sawdust and shavings in standard sized dumpy bags (approx. 0.614 cubin metre) and can supply up to 8 of these (nearly 5 cubic metres) using our trailer and pick-up to deliver and set down as necessary.

The flake, or flake and sawdust, material is ideal for providing animal bedding, both for equestrian purposes and smaller, domestic pet requirements.

*N.B. Use of the word ‘Green’ in this context does not strictly relate to colour in the log but moisture content. Whilst nearly all of our felling work is carried out in the winter when the sap content in trees is as low as it can get (unless it is a standing, dead tree) there is still moisture inherently and naturally bound up in the material.

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