Timber beams

We are proud to offer a wide range of high quality bespoke timber beams to help you complete that construction, landscaping and home improvement project with success.

Our beautiful decorative and character beams are carefully selected to enhance any building offering style, texture and natural warmth to homes, offices and public spaces.

Lake Side Timber Frame Shelter
Chris Aspen-Clarke frame work with timber milled by us

We are experts in selecting and grading material suitable for structural grade timber (both hard and softwood), visually stress graded according to British Standards (BS 5756 for hardwoods and BS 4978 for softwoods) and carrying both CE and BM TRADA Q marks. 

Newly Installed Green Oak Beams and Rafters
Newly Installed Green Oak Beams and Rafters

We can machine, cut and finish timber to size and our mobile sawmill is ideal for producing large section structural beams up to a maximum sectional dimension of 406mm x 203mm (16” by 8”) with a maximum mill-able length of 8.2m.

The largest oak beam we have milled with our mobile sawmill –
fortunately we had the help of Dartmoor Horseloggers to pull it out of the woods for us!

Longer lengths can be produced but longer lead in times are required.

Structural Timber Beams
Structural Timber Beams in Douglas Fir

Example costs of rough sawn structural timber which have been CE marked stress graded follow:

Heavy structural timber 200mm x 100mm in section:

Hardwood timber* graded wet/green – £23.30/linear metre (£33/ft3)

Softwood timber** graded wet/green – £15.54/linear metre (£22/ft3)

Light structural timber 100mm x 50mm in section:

Hardwood timber* graded wet/green – £6.18/linear metre (£35/ft3)

Softwood timber** dry graded ≤20%MC – £4.59/linear metre (£26/ft3)

*oak, sweet chestnut **larch, Douglas fir, Scots pine, spruce

Oak Frame Porch by Chris Aspen-Clarke material milled and supplied by Devon Timber

Browse our stock. We supply sawn English Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Larch, Douglas fir, Scots Pine and Spruce suitable for beams – all local sustainably grown timber.

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