About us

Devon Timber relies solely upon material which is grown locally, employing the support and expertise of skilled forestry operators, sawyers and craftspeople to turn Devon and SW grown trees into square sawn timber and products to help meet the diverse needs of discerning customers.

Devon Timber supplies wood based products which have been grown, harvested, milled and processed almost entirely from within Devon by its associated parent business White Wood Management. Both businesses are trading names of Jim White who has been operating as an independent sole trader since 2009.

Devon Timber is a relatively new venture for Jim’s business providing a specific, focused outlet (which had been previously sold under the White Wood Management ‘umbrella’) with a clear ethical and sustainable approach for procurement, production and sale of timber products sourced from within the county.

With a common concern for wildlife and people together, we aim to reconcile the interests of humans with those of the environment, recognising them to be ‘two sides of the same coin’. We pay a fair, living wage, believing that business practice must be just as sustainable for its human resources as it is for those of the planet and to secure the general well being for future generations…of people and wildlife.

Although wood may well ‘grow on trees’, good quality timber, which can meet the expectations and high level specifications of customers, is not so easy to find. And even when good trees can be found, promising quality raw roundwood material, it takes time and expertise to bring it into a square, sawn form and condition where it is fit and ready for its intended end use.

We work in tandem with our colleagues and associates in White Wood Management to ensure that the best available local timber trees are sustainably sourced; be it hardwood or softwood. Making sure that the trees are harvested in such a way that does the least amount of harm to surrounding forest and associated wildlife and indeed that the chosen intervention helps to enhance the vitality and ongoing viability of the remaining trees and woodland in the long-term.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us or just wish to find out more about what we do and how we operate please feel free to contact us.