Kiln dried timber

Kiln-dried timber does not shrink (or ‘move’) because it has had most of its imbued water removed from it. The photo below shows timber is stacked and ready to be dried in our kiln.

Perfect for joinery and cabinet making jobs, interior trim and shelving work, kiln-drying provides stable timber which is less inclined to shrink or expand in a warm, domestic environment; so that the best quality corner and edge joints can be achieved and the final work does not move, loosen up or fall apart once it is in situ.

We tend to kiln dry between 10-12% moisture content which serves most of our customers’ requirements; however, we can dry your timber to whatever moisture content is needed.

Based on our extensive experience, we only put timber into the kiln that has been air-dried already. The results are far more satisfactory; less timber goes to waste (from distortion) and the whole process is much more energy efficient and cost effective. 

We use a dehumidification kiln with a drying chamber capable of holding up to 7.5 cubic metres of stacked and stickered (spaced) timber; although we can and do dry smaller loads at times. A dehumidification kiln is much more thermally efficient and is more sympathetic to the wood. Reaching a maximum temperature of 55°C combined with a gradual drying of the kiln’s atmosphere in a controlled kilning cycle means that the wood does not get cooked (as would be the case in traditional heat and vent kilns which can go in excess of 100°C). Thus, the natural vitality and lustre of any timber is maintained after the kilning process which means it is aesthetically and practically much more pleasurable to use, touch and to see.

We have a variety of dried timbers already in stock.

On average the kiln drying process should only take between two to three weeks if fully air dried timber is placed in the kiln to bring it down the last 10%MC or so. So it would not take too long, if we have suitable air dried timber in stock, to kiln material for you as required.

Browse our stock. We supply all local sustainably grown timber. 

We can arrange delivery directly or collection and drop off by courier if required. In respect of machining and direct delivery a lead-in time of about 1 month is currently required to help process and make ready your order given existing commitments. Where we have existing stock that meets your requirements directly ‘off the shelf’ then turnaround times may be significantly shorter. .

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