We aim to be competitive with what we can offer, we might not be the cheapest but this is not without good reason!

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There are many things that determine the final price for a length of timber…

We supply locally grown timber for our customers with a clear audit trail that allows us to demonstrate the provenance of each piece supplied, often back to the woodland, if not the very stump of the tree which yielded the original material. We hope you will see the true value of our work and the wood which you may choose to buy from us.

Horselogging – Extraction by horses in sensitive and difficult to get to sites.

The following is not an exhaustive list but sets out the main cost elements which determine the final price for the timber that we sell.

  • Site Visit /Assessment
  • Standing Timber Price
  • Felling
  • Extraction
  • Saw Milling / Conversion
  • Moving / Transportation
  • Grading & Cataloguing
  • Storage & Seasoning
  • Manual Handling in Barn
  • Kilning
  • Processing & Machining
  • Operational costs (eqpt. maintenance + overheads)

The work is often physical and demands high levels of knowledge, skill, training and consideration to be carried out effectively without damage to property, wildlife, self or others.

Mobile Sawmill in the woods
Mobile saw mill set up in the wood

We have a fair wage policy – nobody in our team earns more than twice the lowest paid member of staff and nobody is paid less than the living wage for their age. Currently our wage range is between £7.70/hr to £12.50/hr.

Further details are available if you wish to learn more about our pricing and fair wage policy. Just click here to read our Devon Timber – Pricing: Principles, Policy & Practice document.

Timber Loaded and Ready to Deliver
Timber loaded up and ready to deliver after a few last checks on the cutting list.

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